If you are a fundraiser, cause-based marketer, communication officer, development officer, or major donor development director then this field camp is for you.

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It’s time to invest in yourself—to grow as a fundraiser—and to inspire change and creativity so that your organization can consistently create powerful donor campaigns that generate the impact and legacy-building support your cause deserves.


Forget the hotel meeting room, lunch-and-learn, or canned workshop. Learn from industry pros in an organic, peer-to-peer environment, in a cultural setting that inspires and challenges a leader to think differently about how to make a difference.

A. Berg


This is not a conference or fluffy workshop, this is a hands-on, deep-dive that helps you cha  

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Stop mailing it in by relying on your mailing house to run your campaign.

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Stop counting on your donors mailing checks while you maintain the status quo.

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We will guide you through the process of creating a campaign you are really proud of and your donor will engage with.

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The humanitarian and development industry is full of half-baked, expensive conferences that are bloated with the usual distractions and dashed hopes. And the grass is not greener on the other side-mandated workshops, retreats, books, or cookie-cutter consulting all produce the same thing: all talk and no action.


Change your focus and change the conversation.
Tell a story that matters.


Instruction and one-on-one sessions include insightful dialogue regarding key takeaways like: 


• Telling compelling, authentic visual stories that inspire action
• Crafting a sellable position within your target donor audience
• Building deeper, more profitable partnerships with major donors
• Reinventing the communication signal based on field results
• Creating opportunities & revenue through high-impact collateral

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For three+ days in October, join us in Yerevan, Armenia and get the insights and clarity you need to develop a more compelling communications strategy and craft a tangible, visually engaging fundraising campaign.

This small group intensive workshop is exclusive to a select group of communication / development directors and marketing executives who want to roll-up their sleeves and passionately guide their organizations’ fundraising and cause-related teams.

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Professional development training is typically a bunch of navel gazing, tire-pumping, and pontificating on vague concepts with zero application. FC Field Camp is all about you, your organization, and your cause. And your next major fundraising campaign.

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The goal is to ensure that the successful applicants craft a major fundraising appeal and supporting donor communication strategy with expert consultation.


The best leaders learn through an immersive, peer-driven experience and at a FC Field Camp you’re in good hands.

The following industry experts will guide you through the process:

A. BERG  Humanitarian, Chief Strategist, FocalChange Inc.  New York, USA


Humanitarian, Chief Strategist,
FocalChange Inc. 
New York, USA

Andre unpacks his expertise as a former owner of a successful advertising agency, accomplished photographer, and his experience at all levels of non-profit work-helping executives discover new and effective strategies, tactics, and tools to help leverage the stories of change.

He has a unique mix of non-profit experience that spans roles as challenging as being the Chief of Staff of the Near East Foundation to Communication Director of the Fund for Armenian Relief.

Ignore the spreadsheets and flow-charts, dismiss the notion that there is the perfect formula out there just waiting to be applied.

Andre will guide you through the process of growing as a storyteller and fundraising professional.

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Jarek is a world-class creative mind that understands both the marketing and the communication challenges faced by cause-based work.

His creative and design expertise will be at your disposal as you learn how to hone your own visual game plan to create compelling collateral that goes beyond the call of duty.

Great campaigns (like what he’s done across Central Eastern Europe-Red Cross, Reporters Without the Borders, IOM - International Organization for Migration, PAH - Polish Humanitarian Action, and many others) require inspired communication strategies and the know-how regarding their application at the fundraising level.

Jarek's talents are yours for the entire Field Camp.

JAREK WIEWORSKI  Managing Creative Director, McCann World Group—Tbilisi/Yerevan Tbilisi, Georgia (Country, not the State!)


Managing Creative Director,
McCann World Group—Tbilisi/Yerevan
Tbilisi, Georgia (Country, not the State!)

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ERIC FRANS, CFRE  Vice-President, Vision Partners, World Vision Canada Toronto, Canada


Vice-President, Vision Partners,
World Vision Canada
Toronto, Canada


Our keynote speaker, Eric, is a consummate humanitarian professional and fundraising authority that knows donors, knows how to create both the opportunities and methods to engage them, and the practical application of building a high-value donor base.

Whether he conceptualizes and implements a successful grass-roots cause, like Tough As Her (affiliated with Tough Mudder) or spearheads a multi-million dollar campaign to support development projects aborad, Eric's approach to donor development is second to none.

Eric will help you to serve your donors better through scalable, human-driven approaches that increase contributions and create stronger relationships for years to come.

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Corwin is an experienced consultant and managing agent for visual story makers, as well as the business muscle behind FocalChange.

Author of several books on entrepreneurship and marketing, Corwin is often invited to speak to creatives at conferences around the world.

Success in marketing relies heavily on leveraging the digital landscape that effectively reaches your target audience. 

Corwin has created over 1,400 email marketing campaigns and handled countless Facebook and Instagram re-targeting campaigns.

He will help you maximize your marketing effort while creating passionate, shareable action for your cause.

CORWIN HIEBERT  Marketing Consultant, Taendem Agency Inc. Vancouver, Canada


Marketing Consultant,
Taendem Agency Inc.
Vancouver, Canada

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You will meet for a group dinner on the first day, then spend three full days together in training sessions, work group sessions, and a field visit to a nearby humanitarian project where you will connect with beneficiaries and field operatives. The goal is to create a learning environment that sparks new ideas, collaborative thinking, and scalable strategies that help add capacity to your communication and fundraising efforts.

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Your investment is $8,700 (USD).

Ground transportation, hotel, meals, are included. Just get yourself to Yerevan and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Financial assistance may be available to selected applicants upon further review. 

Hiring a creative agency or consultant would cost you 10x the price of this workshop. We're bringing the experts to you at a fraction of the price. This kind of access and opportunity don't happen in our industry at such a low cost, this is your chance to save big and get the results you're looking for. 

Like no other professional event, this in-country, deep-dive Field Camp is limited to 4-6 participants who are vetted through an application process. 

Applicants can be from either a domestic or an Internationally-focused organization.

Successful applicants will have 30 days to pay the non-refundable workshop fee in full. Transferring fees to another employee within your organization is permissible upon consultation. If payment is not received within 30 days the applicants' spot will be relinquished-sorry if that sounds harsh but we only offer a few spots.

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This Field Camp is taking place in Yerevan, Armenia for two simple reasons:

The best learning environments are those that are inspiring and distraction free. Yerevan is a very special place and we believe the change of scenery, and distance from the everyday life, will make this experience a remarkable.

FocalChange works internationally and we are excited to conduct a hands-on workshop in a location where we work. We want to give you a glimpse of what we do, where we do it (we're not just talking heads).
Training and work group sessions will take place at The Impact Hub in Yerevan.

Impact Hub is a professional membership organization dedicated to individuals, enterprises, start-ups, and organizations making a positive impact around the world.

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Participants are provided with a complimentary 1-year membership in FC Direct-an exclusive, International collective of fundraisers and visual storytellers within the humanitarian and development community. The value of this annual membership is US$1,188.

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FC Direct is organized and administered by FocalChange as a professional hub solely dedicated to the exchange of ideas and strategies associated with growing and maximizing donor engagement.

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At FC Direct, decision-makers have the opportunity to share their experiences, offer advice, receive feedback, and have access to industry-leading insights in a raw, unfiltered, forward-thinking environment (without all the red-tape). This collective is intentionally diverse, ensuring that its members represent organizations both small and large and from all corners of the globe. Powerful storytelling happens when passionate professionals create concepts and strategies that have benefited from both candid critique and thoughtful feedback.

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At FocalChange, we believe that shared knowledge and experiences can be powerfully leveraged to magnify our collective impact on the causes that we care about. By catalyzing interactions and fostering the flow of ideas among a diverse group of decision-makers, FC Direct aims to bring increased sustainability and stability to the fundraising and communication efforts that so many crucial causes depend on for success.