Ethiopia and Kenya | November-December, 2015


We spent two weeks in East Africa to gather compelling visual content for World Relief Canada (WRC) and its Tough As Her fundraising platform. We visited communities in Ethiopia and Kenya that have a long-standing relationship with WRC. Within these communities, we got to know families who have been impacted by WRC and documented the difficulties that women and girls face and must overcome every day. 


Lesotho | November 2015


In November we spent five days in Lesotho, where we finalized logistical details for our January trip with David duChemin that will focus on bringing education and visibility to the area's shepherds. We spent a large portion of this trip trekking through the routes we'll be taking in January to prepare for any possible obstacles. We also began to lay the groundwork with the specific communities where the photo work and interviews will be done in January. 


Yerevan, Armenia | July-August 2015


We spent two weeks of our summer in Armenia to plan a media campaign for the Fund for Armenian Relief that seeks to foster and strengthen its relationships with local, regional, and international communities.  We also met with the FAR Children's Center to plan media campaigns that can increase visibility in Armenia and in the U.S. and also present the organization to its international colleagues and policymakers. To round out the trip, we checked in with the Ayo! team as part of our continuing support in managing development projects, fundraising, and transparently reporting to donors.


Lesotho | May 2015


We traveled to Lesotho in May, 2015 to work out different project possibilities with our longterm partners in the area, namely from Lesotho, South Africa, and Swaziland. Our trip largely focused on preparing for our next project with David DuChemin to support young shepherds in Lesotho, bringing them education and visibility.


Ouarzazate, Morocco with Zack Arias | March 2015


In March 2015 we spent two weeks in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco with renowned photographer Zack Arias. We’re working with Ouarzazate’s Center for Development to start a school bus transport system in the region. Zack and his camera winded through the mountains to explore the unpaved gravel paths leading to the local secondary school. Many of the school’s potential students live miles away and aren’t able to attend due to an easily surmountable reason: lack of transportation. We met with these very youth and the community members and governmental leaders who have mobilized to make education physically accessible to primary school graduates.





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